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Written by on October 27th, 2014 // Filed under Home Reworks Services

Framed or Frame-less Shower Screens?


When researching bathroom remodeling products, there is little information available regarding which type of shower door and glass enclosure is right for your project.  Here are a few details that will help you make an informed decision on which type of shower door system may be right for you.

The Framed glass doors are the most common type of doors and glass panels used in shower and tub enclosures.  While the popularity of this style of door has made way for the sleek and clean lines of frameless glass doors, there have been new improvements in the look and finishes of the framed glass and metal trim.  There are a variety of different metal finishes and glass styles for the framed glass shower panels and doors.  The glass finishes are pretty impressive as well, although the majority of clients choose the clear glass to show off their new custom tile showers that we build.

It’s important to note some practical tips and pros and cons of the two different styles when choosing your shower door.  The first consideration is how close the shower head will be to the door.  The framed door is designed to seal shut with a magnetic strip and have additional rubber seals and sweeps to help prevent water from splashing out on to the bathroom floor.  When far enough away from the shower head, a frameless door and its gap around the door is no longer a target for excessive splashing.  For sliding glass doors the splashing is less of an issue because the two panels overlap.

The next consideration is the price difference between the two products.  Because there is no frame holding and supporting the glass panels and doors, the glass is extra thick and heavy, making heavy duty hardware and supports a necessity.  The exposed edges also needs to be sanded after being cut.  All of this extra labor and materials pushes the price to almost twice as much as framed glass shower panels.

One last thing you may want to consider is whether the frameless door will work with your shower configuration.  With a metal framed door, the door can be positioned at almost any angle by using a special pivoting trim which the hinge track connects to.  The frameless glass door has hinges that rest in a certain position when the door is closed.  These hinges only allow for the door to rest at either 180, 135, and 90 degrees to the hinge panel.  The only way to solve this problem is to build a doorway at the desired angle and attach 90 degree hinges to the tiled opening.  Send us an email if you have any more questions about glass shower panels and tub enclosures.


What to consider when choosing a Mirror?

Mirrors reflects light, it helps brighten and widen even the smallest and darkest of rooms to make them more comfortable and inviting. A wall mirror can also add a decorative look to your room, and it makes an ideal focal point for your space. The key is choosing the right mirror for your room and the look that you want to create.

Consider Size

The first decision to make when you’re choosing a wall mirror is how large it should be. The size of the mirror should be influenced by a couple of factors – the size of the wall that you’re placing it on and how big an impact you want the mirror to make in your room. If you’re hanging the mirror on a large wall in your living room, dining room or bedroom and you want to make a bold statement, opt for an extra large mirror.  Measure your wall so you know how much space you have to work with and determine how much of it you want the mirror to fill.

Consider Shape

While square and rectangular options are usually the most common, you can find wall mirrors in a variety of shapes. A square or rectangular mirror offers the most traditional look, but choosing a mirror in an unusual shape can bring attention to a wall even if the mirror is small or lacks a decorative frame. For a simple but striking look, opt for a circular or oval wall mirror. Funky triangle- and diamond-shaped mirrors can add a quirky touch to a room. If you want to make a big design statement, however, go with a bold starburst-shaped mirror that is sure to draw the eye.

Consider Style

Some wall mirrors don’t have frames – it’s their size or shape that gives them a strong presence in your room. When you’re shopping for a mirror, however, you can also opt for a style with a frame that packs a decorative punch all its own. Choose a simple wooden, metal or plastic frame for a sleek, streamlined look. For a more formal, dramatic look, seek out a mirror with an ornate, gilded frame to serve as a strong focal point for your room. You can also find wall mirrors with mosaic-style frames that feature bits of tile for a fun, eye-catching look.