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7  mistakes people make when purchasing a patio

1.  Some people don’t come into the Display Centre to view the Patios.
This can be a mistake as there can be huge differences in quality, products and workmanship between some Companies.  One Stop Patio Shop encourage all our customers to compare display centers so they can view for themselves what they will receive in regards to quality, design ,workmanship and the type of products that are available.

2.  Some people don’t choose the best design for their home.
One Stop Patio Shop Consultants are tradesman not salesman who design from years of experience. They offer individual solutions to suit the lines of your home and create the best entertaining area possible.

3.  Some people will only choose the cheapest Quote.
We all know when spending money on renovations that quotes can vary greatly depending on whether you use a reliable builder or a single operator. Sometimes this choice can lead to inferior products, service and workmanship. A One Stop Patio shop quote guarantees workmanship, products and a superior finish every-time.

4.  Some people don’t compare apples for apples.
When comparing quotes make sure the sizes and products are the same as this can vary the price considerably. A One Stop Patio Shop Quote will not be inflated on sign-up. Our Quote includes the highest premium products available.

5.  Some people forget to ask for Australian made products.
Some Companies will supply you with imported steel to keep the costs down. The problem with this is these products are not made for the Australian climate and do not stand the test of time. One Stop Patio Shop only use premium Australian made materials to ensure your Patio will look its best for years to come.

6.  Some people choose the wrong guttering systems.
Some Companies only offer the Box Gutter system which joins house and patio water together and do not consider water issues. One Stop Patio Shop recommends a Kissing Gutter system which keeps the patio water separate from the house water eliminating overflows and future maintenance issues. We also install Box Gutter systems but not without taking into consideration the additional water that the patio brings to the guttering system which may result in the adding of extra house downpipes.

7.  Some people choose a flat Patio for their outdoor entertaining area.
They do this because it is a cheaper option and they are not informed of the additional benefits from choosing other styles. The problem with flat Patios is that they trap in the heat, limit airflow and are not visually appealing. One Stop Patio Shop always encourages a Gable or Dome style Patio in the area you are most likely to entertain in, this ensures a cool open space capturing views and adding value and style to your property.


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