How to get your own dream kitchen even if you have no idea where to start!

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Kitchen Design

Your Kitchen – The Heart of Your Home

It needs special attention to create a distinctive place to prepare meals, eat, socialise, work and study. Your kitchen design should reflect all of your lifestyle factors. Every kitchen needs to be designed as a conventional space, fitted out particularly to suit your needs. If well thought out, a satisfying kitchen design will make the time you spend in your kitchen more entertaining and you may even cook better!

Renovating your kitchen or building a new kitchen starts with a well thought out design. At Home ReWorks we provide you a turn key service with excellent craftsmanship, proven materials, and the latest kitchen design ideas.

We bring together true craftspeople to share and discuss their ideas with you, while refining to an ideal approach to make your dream kitchen into a reality. After designing and building / renovating many kitchens our team have the Midas touch to utilise products and design elements to create a wonderful space to enjoy.


Mistakes People Make When Purchasing A Kitchen

1.  Some people don’t choose the best design for their home.
Home Reworks consultants are tradesman not salesmen who design from years of experience. They offer individual solutions to suit your needs and want to create what you had only dreamed about.

2.  Some people will only choose the cheapest quote.
We all know when spending money on renovations that quotes can vary greatly, depending on whether you use a reliable builder or a single operator. Sometimes this choice can lead to inferior products, service and workmanship. Home Reworks quote guarantees workmanship, products and a superior finish every time.\

3.  Some people don’t compare apples to apples.
When comparing quotes make sure the sizes and products are the same as this can vary the price considerably, and always look further than the bottom line, compare to see what is exactly included. At Home Reworks, our quotes are easy to understand and include all work that will need to be done, including the products you choose.

4.  Some people forget to ask for Australian made or environment friendly.
At Home Reworks we go with you to the suppliers when it comes to choosing what you want, this way you can choose exactly what you want. We also give advice to what will and what wont work.


Styles and Designs

L-shaped kitchen
One of the most common layouts is the L-shaped kitchen, ideal for homes incorporating a small table for dining in the kitchen space.

Straight line kitchen
This layout is best when the space available for your new kitchen is limited. There is no working triangle shown because the workflow is based on a straight line.

U-shaped kitchen
If you have a large room, and want the most efficient working triangle, then the U-shaped kitchen is ideal. It is also perfect for the demands of a family, offering maximum storage space with many wall cabinet options.

Galley kitchen
This layout is featured in many homes, as it provides two opposing working and storage areas. Add a couple of bar stools to the island unit and this becomes a great kitchen for entertaining. Ideal for open plan living.


Kitchen Renovation Mistakes All Kitchen Renovators Need To Avoid

A common misconception with design is to think that modern and contemporary are interchangeable words in regards to design, but this is not true. Simply put, Modern Designs are founded in post-industrial Europe and are in contrast to the ornate Victorian Styles that dominated beforehand. Modern Design is no longer being made. Elements of modern design are incorporated into contemporary design. The simplest way to describe this is that Modern design is the clean and minimal look that is pervasive now, and contemporary design is what is being made now. There is a further caveat that says the term contemporary excludes neo-classical, neo-traditional and postmodern design.

Typically a modern design will be monochromatic in nature, striving to achieve a look of simplicity with clean white or grey surfaces. This does not mean that modern design needs to be cold or clinical, using the correct neutral colours and lighting can create a very warm and open effect. Contemporary design covers a much broader scope and incorporates modern design as one of its influences. Colour use is more liberal, designs are still minimal but there is more focus on the positive space (the objects) rather than the negative space (the non-objects).

The differences can be debatable on some design ideas, and as one is almost a subset of the other this explains why the two terms are often used interchangeably. It is much easier to classify architectural exteriors than it is to classify interiors, typically due to the amount of blending of design ideas that occur today. Mostly, in Australia when we ask for contemporary we mean new European design.


Contemporary European Design

Like contemporary, the words European Design are often used to describe a kitchen design style. For Australia, contemporary and European are actually a lot closer together than contemporary and Modern. European, especially Italian designs presently embrace minimalist concepts strongly. Bright colours may or may not be used, but strong contrasting features normally are part of contemporary european design. European design encompasses neo-classical and neo-traditional ideas, but usually products marketed as European Design refer to contemporary styles of design.



Largely covered as a dominant force in contemporary design, minimalism is about doing more with less. Hiding all the door handles and using recessed grooves in the doors is a minimalist or Modern design idea. Similarly, we could consider mixer taps to be a minimalist idea. Floating cabinetry and benches (ie. without visible supports) is minimal. The concept is about simplicity, but not always with the most practical or cheap ideas. As mentioned before, a dominant idea is ‘achieving more with less’. No ornateness, square edges and flat surfaces or geometric lines are the key to a minimalist design. Exploiting the beauty of this style requires careful attention to lighting to bring out the negative spaces. As already discussed, minimalist design is a strong influence in contemporary and Modern design. It is consider at odds with post-modern and neo-traditional design.


French Provincial Kitchens and Country Kitchens

The elements of a french provincial or french country style kitchen include more curvilinear lines, similar in fashion to cabriole legs on furniture. We want this reflected in our lighting, cupboard handles, furniture and any wood scalloping in the cabinet work to achieve this effect will also help.

The usage of curvilinear lines in the french provincial designs is intended the mimic the order of the natural world. Perhaps at some point we felt it was futile to be inspired by nature in our design concepts preceding a more wholesale rejection of the older designs. For some, French Provincial design ideas are the perfect solution to put the eyes at ease and create a feeling of comfort.

Wood, stone and metal are the ideal materials for this kitchen style. Thatched rush furniture is also good to create this feel. Carvings or ornaments of local produce, such as wheat or farm animals make a good finishing touch.

Creating the country feel works on the idea of abundance. Exposed hanging pots and pans also make a good touch and a clear message of delight in preparing and eating food is sent to all who enter.

The term country kitchen also works in the same way. For most renovators, the difference between French Provincial or Country is minimal and merely a question of who is marketing the solution.

Not only do we want the themes of nature, we want to create a feeling of abundance but not necessarily one of wealth. The country or french provincial kitchen makes an unabashed statement about its function “this kitchen is to prepare food and to delight in doing so, it is also a place where our family and guests can gather and feel at ease”.

Country and French Provincial kitchens have a timeless style that will perhaps never die out. The beauty comes from the clear sense of function and nature inspired lines.


Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen Islands
It cannot be stressed enough just how good a large kitchen island can be. These fit perfectly with the open plan living designs that are increasingly common today. The island with a breakfast bar works to create a seamless integration between the function of the kitchen and the living spaces. Islands can contain the sink, cooktop, draws etc. The aim of the island is to help socialising with guest and family while cooking.
Having the cooktop on the island creates a design problem by needing a range hood over the island, so the range hood will be floating in the middle of the area. However, range hoods now come in a good range of styles which increases the chance that an island range hood can actually look good. The idea of placing the cooktop on the island stems from the idea that more time can be spent socialising while cooking, by being able to operate the cooktop and speak to people around the island at the same time. When we consider that preparation often makes up more time than cooking over the stove, this idea seems to lose a little weight, but is obviously a matter of personal taste. Typically people opt to have the sink on the island, and a large amount of preparation space. Having the cooktop against a wall makes the job of hiding the range hood easier as well.

Open Plan
Who needs walls when you can have an open plan living space? This may require an expensive remodel of your home, but can provide great return on investment. Homes that feel poky sell for less, but are still common mainly due to the fact that lots of houses are over 20-30 years old.

More Drawers
Large pot drawers are becoming more and more common in kitchen design. The main reason we don’t see drawers more often is the cost. Drawers are roughly 3 times more expensive than installing equivalent shelved door cabinetry. The cost of this quickly adds up and can easily slap another few thousand on the cost of your kitchen renovation. With this said, without exception drawers are a better storage solution for anything below waist level.

Many Light Sources
Kitchens need good lighting, especially in the areas you will be preparing and cooking. For this reason many range hoods come with built in downlights to provide extra illumination for the task at hand. Benchtops ideally require their own source of lighting from different angles. You don’t want your hand shadowing what you are about to cut. Flourescent lights are still a good option for kitchens, but pendants and multiple fish-eye down lights are a common solution too. Natural light from windows or skylights is also great, to add hygiene and a feeling warmth to your kitchen. Most incandescent bulbs are effectively banned by law due to the low energy to light output efficiency.

Small Kitchens
Large functional islands are sometimes out of the question for small kitchen owners. Space is at a premium, in the drawers and cabinets and for food storage. Ideas such as smaller appliances, like drawer dishwashers are good to create more room. Minimal designs are better in small kitchens, and the amount of ornateness in the general decor. The goal will be to make the kitchen feel larger. Natural light, large floor tiles and light or warm colours will improve the feeling of space in a small kitchen.

Having a digital display in the kitchen for watching TV or viewing the internet can add a nice touch to the kitchen. It would be worthy to consider that touchscreens that are built in to an appliance (such as an internet fridge) may experience the problem of having the web browsing technology becoming dated or even obsolete before it is time to replace the appliance itself. However, having an LED/LCD computer system in your kitchen is not such a bad idea if some thought is put into how the inputs will function and where they are located (ie. mouse and keyboard).


Top Kitchen Renovation Expert Reveals The Secrets You Need To Get Your Own Dream Kitchen

The flooring of your kitchen is important to match the entire aesthetic of the space. The following flooring options are available for your kitchen.

•  Porcelain Tiles
•  Granite Tiles
•  Marble Tiles
•  Ceramic Tiles
•  Natural Stone Tiles
•  Vinyl Floor Tiles
•  Timber Flooring

All of these flooring and tiling solutions have different qualities and properties when it comes to durability, handling and installation. Harder grade ceramics are a good idea in the kitchen due to more foot traffic. The tiles that may be suitable for a bathroom floor are possibly not strong enough for a kitchen, especially with kids in the house. It is often best to go a little higher than the recommended minimum quality to ensure your floor will last.

There are some disadvantages to ceramic and porcelain floor tiles, the main one being that they are colder. During winter they are less pleasant to walk on. This makes vinyl floor tiling a more attractive option, and not just a cheap solution to ceramic tiling because of this advantage.

Timber floors get around the coldness problem as well. Both floor types feel great on bare feet and so are good options. Timber floors are increasingly popular in Australian homes as more and more households choose to rip up their tiling, linos and carpets to expose the timber beneath. An experienced kitchen renovator will be able to provide advice on whether this is an option for you.

Tiles are considered to be an elegant solution, and are easier to repair than a singular flooring option such as timber. Stone and ceramic tiles are obviously hard, and so will do more damage to children (or adults) who fall on them. There are too many parameters by which to select the ideal tile, and this will ultimately come down to budget, aesthetics and touch. Speaking to an experience renovator can help you know your best options.